How Stacking Toys Aid in the Development of Various Skills

Aug 13, 2022 Post by Lucy Carter

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From birth until the child reaches the age of three, the nervous system develops, so it is critical that they engage in activities that help them develop skills such as social skills, problem-solving skills, fine/gross motor skills, language, and many others in order to become happy and successful adults! Stacking toys are one such activity that incorporates all of these skills.

Let's take a look at how stacking toys can help your child grow! 👇

▪ Fine motor skills- Picking up and stacking items is a favorite pastime of toddlers; this activity teaches them the vital skill of making nimble movements of the thumb and forefinger to grasp the object. They will now understand how to move, arrange, and screw any object in order to complete their task. They will now be able to comprehend the world by becoming acquainted with object shape, size, weight, height, colors, textures, sequence, and comparison.

Hand-eye coordination- Stacking assists the child in visualizing the object and receiving information from the eyes on how to move hands and objects in relation to the body and other pieces in order to place them systematically. They can learn how to balance objects by stacking them on top of each other or locking them together.

▪ Gross motor skills- In order to move hands freely while stacking, the child must sit and balance core muscles. This activity will assist the child in mastering the ability to control his/her body movements in coordination with the stacking activity.

▪ Creative skills- The child will demonstrate numerous ways to play with the toy! They'll try to fill it with water/sand or just use it as a cap! In this way, the child's imagination grows! This ability will assist the child in becoming intelligent and adaptable to change in the future!

▪ Language skills- We can use phrases like "we will stack the green cup on top of the red cup," "the yellow ring is smaller than the orange ring," and "we have stacked three rings, two are left." In this way, they will recognize colors, identify placement as above or below, compare objects to see which is larger, and count objects!

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With regard to the advantages, it can be stated that stacking can be made quite interesting, as well as provide a lot of learning through fun!

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I'm sure your child would enjoy receiving this toy set. Make sure to encourage play-based learning and have appropriate toys on hand. Then observe how this toy can assist your child in developing various skills.