Fine Motor Skills and Their Importance in Early Childhood
12 October

Fine Motor Skills and Their Importance in Early Childhood

What Exactly Are Fine Motor Skills? The refined use of the small muscles in the hand that control the palm, fingers, and thumb is referred to as fine motor skills. We rely on these skills for many daily tasks that allow us to care for ourselves and be independent, such as dressing, eating lunch, and writing. It is important that children develop fine motor skills. Everyone understands how this will affect early writing, but this is only a small part of the picture. These skills develop naturally over time and can be aided by experimenting with toys and activities that encourage the development of this small muscle. These small muscles in the hand, like any other muscle, must be strengthened to develop strength and dexterity. Working on activities that promote the development of your mini humans' fine motor skills will allow them to become more independent in eating their dinner,...
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