We’re a family-run toy store that offers kids a gateway into the impossible, where imagination, creativity, and joy run free. 

We believe the best toys are ones that inspire kids to try new things, play new parts, and “make-believe” in worlds they create, that is all their own. With countless ways to play, our toys are interactive fun for the whole family and can be used in a myriad of methods.


We make toys that inspire imagination and creativity offering Countless Ways To Play. We believe the best toys are often simple concepts that inspire imaginative play and make believe for your children .
With everything we create, we hope to encourage:
🚀  Unstructured Play
🚀  Creativity
🚀  Imagination
🚀  Development
🚀  Exploration
It wasn't so long ago that unstructured free play was simply the norm during childhood. Children were given so much freedom to explore their world. Imagination and curiosity would be born from lengthy times of unstructured play, from simply being and sometimes from being bored.
Today childhood is very different, with busy schedules, overstimulation and screen time children use their imagination less than ever. Its a crisis that will truly be seen and felt as we see the mental health of the next generations emerge.
Thats why we are committed to offering developmental toys that inspire creative thinking and imagination.
Encouraging children to explore their environment, their language and simply themselves.


Axel Adventures was founded in 2018 by us- Lucy and Geoff, after the birth of our son Axel. 

We wanted our son Axel to have access to fun, safe, toys that positively impacted his development, which led to the idea and creation of Axel Adventures Toys. 

Although Axel Adventures is an Australian-based company, we want to make a global impact and create toys for kids everywhere. First, we’re focusing our distribution efforts on the Australian and North American markets, but we have hopes to further our distribution reach in the coming years.


Safety and quality are the cornerstones of all our products as we are protective parents who want only the best for our kids. Our trusted research and production partners share this mission.

Everything made by Axel Adventures is of the highest standard of quality and on the cutting edge of development, innovation, and design. We hope to spark the curiosity of little ones everywhere through our ever-evolving range of toys and products.


As a family business we feel giving back to children around the world is important which is why we regularly donate to charities across the globe.