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The last two months have been trying, that’s for sure! Between running the household, homeschooling children and working from home, there have been a lot of changes in parents lives. This is one they have likely never had to deal with.


On a good day, managing the home and their job while the kids are in school is challenging enough, but then you throw in homeschooling and life before the Covid-19 pandemic seems like a breeze! School closures are affecting parents everywhere, me included.


I am a qualified teacher, so I have ample experience teaching children in elementary school. However, with that said, teaching your own children in a whole other ball game! The level of respect that students have for teachers is essential to their educational success.  You wouldn’t see them crawling onto their teachers laps in the middle of a lesson or asking them to a snack mid sentence!

While I am grateful that I have a background in teaching, I made the decision to leave the classroom and pursued a career in writing…something not so conducive to having children running around all the time!  There is no question that this is a big change for everyone, parents and children alike, but according to this TOP survey of 400 Americans with school-aged children, the quarantine and school closures have parents anxiety on the rise.


With many parents acting as teaches, according to the survey, 68% of parents are worried about how all of his will impact their job security. Generationally, it’s the millennials that are most concerned at 50%. Outside of job concerns, a huge concern many parents have is the negative affect that the school closures are having on their children. As a parent of 2 elementary students, I am concerned, along with 47% of elementary school aged parents about a negative impact. Whether it be academically, socially or emotionally, there is concern.


While my daughter is in kindergarten, I know that she will be ok with the school closures, also because I was a kindergarten teacher. For my son who is in Grade 2, school is more of a challenge. Losing this time in school has me concerned about where he will stand academically once school resumes. Overall, 84% of parents are concerned about the negative impact that the school closures will have on their children. In terms of what subjects parents are finding most difficult to teach, see where you stand according to the survey!


Working from home without children around can be a challenge, but once the kids are in the mix, the challenge becomes that much bigger! In conversations with many friends, the consensus is the same, there is no longer such thing as “normal working hours”. We are all finding that you have to do what you can, when you can to get the job done! When it comes to video calls, how many times have your kids interrupted them? I know my daughter has become a regular contributor on my zoom calls! 44% of parents say they have had a video call interrupted, however more than 50% of parents say that they get more work done overall when working from over.


I have no doubt that you have seen many tips all over the internet for efficient ways to work at home, but here are a few!

  1. Create a workspace. First off, check out this quick video on how to create a workspace out of a small space. With that said, creating a workspace where you can keep everything you need is essential. It will help you to stay organized. Make sure everyone in the house knows it’s your space, no matter how big or small it is!

  2. Set a work schedule. Even if you don’t have a detailed work schedule for the kids, set a work schedule for yourself. The kids and you need to have a clear idea of when you will have calls and when you will have uninterrupted (if possible) work time.

  3. Set time aside for longer work tasks. There are some things that take longer and need more time and attention. Set time aside for those longer work tasks and make some progress!

  4. Wake up early: The best time to work is when no one is around! Since we can’t escape the kids, try waking up before them every now and then to hammer through some work or clear up your emails. You will feel so accomplished by the time they wake up!

  5. Plan tasks for your children to get more done. Give your child a checklist of things to accomplish before asking you for help again. For example, give them a list of 4 activities.

The first should be a school assignment that you have helped them start, then add three activities whether it be a game, practising a skill or outdoor play, just choose things that they can do independently. This will you an opportunity to complete some work before they need your attention again!




Jenna Greenspoon is a mom to Jonah and Addison, aged 8 and 5. She loves staying up to date on all things kids and makes sure she is on point with the latest childhood trends! She is the owner of Savvy Sassy Moms and manages a team of creative contributors that work hard to keep moms up to date on the latest trends. Jenna loves social media and works on a variety of social media campaigns with brands big and small.


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