How Can You Keep In Touch With Children You Love During Social Distancing?

Jul 19, 2021 Post by Nart Studio nz Admin

Hi Everyone, Thank you for dropping into our blog! Firstly we want to take a moment to send out our wishes for your best health & for the health of your families in this strange new world we find ourselves! Many people may realise that they are in the "High risk" category or simply know they are prone to falling unwell (immune issues prehaps) It may be a troubling time when you realise you may not be able to see the children that you hold most precious to you. Its so critical for us all to feel connected to our families & friends, to give us energy & encouragement that it will be ok. Or mental health being so important to our overall well being & immune system too! We wanted to list a few suggestions of how to stay connected with those little humans you love most



These are the things I’ll do to keep in contact-


Call-Call your beloved babes and chat. Kids are out of school and restricted to home, so even older kids have time to talk to the grandparents. Older grandkids probably prefer a text.


Facetime- Facetime is great: you get to talk to your grandkids with the bonus of seeing their sweet faces! For younger kids, Facetime is especially good because they understand who they are talking to. You can also have fun playing with the little face overlays that are available through this app


Snail Mail– I hesitate to include this because I am unsure of the contagion issue, but from what I have read, it is still considered safe. Prehaps leave your letters out in the sun for a while just to be on the safe side! Writing letters is creative for children & can be kept forever!


Reading– Reading books together is an engaging special time to share with children. You can use skype, zoom or facetime to read them a story


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