Build A Flower Garden Stacking Toys and Sorting Toys - Educational Value

Nov 17, 2021 Post by Lucy Carter

Stacking toys and sorting toys like our flower stacking toy  come in a wealth of varieties including stacking blocks, stacking rings and a stacking cups toy.

Build A Flower Garden are dual purpose as they can be used to stack and make pretty flowers and also to teach parts of the flower. 

Stacking Toys and Sorting Toys are often thought of a traditional toy but our flower toy comes with a lovely modern twist.

The large flower pieces are designed especially for little hands and fingers.

Additionally we have packed each kit with a fun watering can so this toy can be used as a bath toy or even outside in the sandpit or garden bed!

Build A flower garden is light and comes with a bag to clear up all the pieces - particularly good for traveling as they are so light.

Many of the stacking and sorting toys are designed for children aged two years and over however there is no reason why with supervision these toys cannot be introduced to a baby, obviously you need to be careful not to leave baby with small parts. I am advocating play time with the parent and would not leave a child with a toy that wasn't suitable for the age of the child.

In terms of educational toys the stacking and sorting range is often overlooked. These toys are important for basic hand eye coordination and for cognitive development in older pre school children. The toys can also be used for physical development if incorporated into physical games.



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