Axel Adventures - A Family Run Toy Store Inspired by Play

Sep 05, 2022 Post by Lucy Carter

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The Beginning of Axel Adventures:

Axel Adventures was not planned in advance. It was established in 2018 following the birth of my son Axel. Me and my husband Geoff created it.

We wanted our son Axel to have access to fun, safe toys that would positively impact his development from the start. This is how we came up with the idea for Axel Adventures.

We believe that the best toys are those that encourage children to try new things, take on new roles, and "make-believe" in their own worlds. Our toys are interactive and fun for the entire family and can be used in a variety of ways, with countless ways to play. We started with this philosophy in mind.

The Challenges:

We initially struggled to find the right support personnel in marketing and some of the more complex areas of sales.

Of course, cash flow is always important, and growth necessitates a close eye on inventory and cash management. Furthermore, we have encountered a wide range of issues ranging from responsiveness to numerous quite technical issues, which has resulted in unexpected delays in moving our business forward.

Nonetheless, we have always been able to work through these and other issues while remaining confident in our business model.

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Axel Adventures' Expectations:

We will continue to prioritize customer service and environmentally friendly, safe products. Listening to the various needs and preferences of our toddler and parent markets is a top priority. We will strive to differentiate in order to provide our customers, toddlers, and parents with a truly fantastic and lasting toy experience.

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We intend to expand further, believing that we have established the necessary skills, capability, problem-solving, and planning. We are establishing new channels of communication with valued customers, whether through new geographies, wholesale outlets, or eCommerce platforms.

What's Our Thinking as a Part of Axel Adventures:

We enjoy the pay-for-effort nature of running our business. We love knowing that we can make a difference in the lives and loves of toddlers and their parents all over the world.

Axel Adventures has very short-term demands, and there are times when things simply must be done. However, because both parents work from home, we have discovered the ability to share the workload across the various aspects of our lives.

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We believe that it is the environment in which we work and live that allows us to maintain a healthy balance. We value our team's individual strengths, prioritizing our son's life and needs as he grows, and having fun and rewarding effort.