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Build A Flower Garden, Colorful Flower Stacking Toddler Toy 112 Pcs


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Flower building toy set brings education and play together!
Learn the parts of a flower & inspire a love of nature.

This 112 piece makes learning to share easy!

Build flowers indoors using the bases or take it to the beach or sand pit and create pretty flower arrangements.

This toy is a hit for both boys and girls - Large pieces are great for small hands and fingers!

Axel Adventures play sets are designed to cultivate creators, problem solvers, doers, thinkers, and inventors of all kinds!


Why will you and your child LOVE this toy?

> Hours of screen free creative play
> Pieces are interconnecting - So many creative possibilities - Build real flowers or imaginary colorful flowers easily.
> Building self esteem - Enjoy your child's sense of achievement when they show you their cute flower arrangements
> So easy to build & take apart. Can be easily used by 2 year olds and up
>Comes with a drawstring bag that fits all the pieces away when not in use
>The perfect girls & boys gift for kids age 2-7

Whats included?

112 Piece set
36 Pistals & petals
18 Stamins
8 Bases
48 Stems
Watering Can
Drawstring Bag

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